Jay Walking: President Obama’s Alleged “Decision” for a Secret, Hush-Hush, Inaugural Swearing In Ceremony…

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I just read a prepared blog post on the Website, “The Brenner Brief,” which not only made me ill, but also disabused me of the notion that the “truth” is more powerful than the lie. Truth be told, people believe whatever they want to believe, and they’ll spin that any which way they must to “make it so.” The comment, titled “Transparent President Obama May Have Private Swearing In,” authored by “The Brenner Brief,” (thereby making it quite clear that this is a “signature piece” for this site) is a snide, uninformed, just-this-side-of rant, accusing President “Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant” Obama of being, perhaps, one of the most secretive, two-faced, and at the very least, opaque presidents the United States has ever known… Then, for good measure, they cite articles from other sites, among them statements that contradict the point they are trying, so unsuccessfully, to make! You see, citing one’s sources, even if one has not read them oneself, is always a good practice because it makes one look… like one is citing one’s sources…

The Brenner Brief staff has a problem with the fact that President Obama will be sworn in, privately, on January 20, 2013. As it happens, January 13, 2013, is a Sunday. And historically, when Inauguration Day has fallen on a Sunday, the Chief Justice has still administered the Oath, but always privately, with a second, public event taking place the following day – Monday. If President Obama were to break with this  established  tradition, and have the Chief Justice administer the Oath, publicly, and only, on Sunday, January 20, these same right-wing, wrong-thinking patriots for transparent government would cry “Blasphemy!” and accuse President Obama of thinking he is Emperor Obama, or our Lord and Savior, Obama (and they have already accused him of that, here in another post where they apparently don’t realize that Jamie Foxx is a comedian, and that while he was obviously feeling a sense of relief, he was also, obviously, only kidding when he referred to President Obama as “Our Lord and Savior.” (I’m now rolling my eyes so dramatically, I might as well be munching on a wedge of watermelon, while writhing in a cotton field screaming, “NOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!”)…

Nowhere in this some-of-the-most-irresponsible-journalism-I-have-ever-seen post do they mention that President Obama is not the first president to have held two inaugural ceremonies (one private, one public), nor will he be the last. We just don’t “do” Sunday Inaugurals, Coronations, or anything else! It seems to me a retraction, or an addendum is in order. And as the Brenner post is just a flimsy, insubstantial, uninformed, piece of twaddle, they could even slip this information into the post without even bothering to update it, thereby making themselves look like they know what the heck they’re talking about. But they won’t have to do that because people will read it, “like” it, and go about their business because either they are not informed, don’t care to be informed, or would rather not be informed. But this is Civics 101! Even al-Qaeda knows this… How could the folks at The Brenner Brief not know?

I feel like I’m “Jay Drowning…”
…because there’s  nothing  better than  good  information.®

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Jay Walking: President Obama’s Alleged “Decision” for a Secret, Hush-Hush, Inaugural Swearing In Ceremony… by Vivien E. Zazzau is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://darkactsbible.wordpress.com.

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6 Responses to “Jay Walking: President Obama’s Alleged “Decision” for a Secret, Hush-Hush, Inaugural Swearing In Ceremony…”

  1. How interesting you’re accusing us of poor journalism when we’re reporting on other media outlets’ concerns in the story.

    Who’s the one with a journalism problem?

    • No sir, what you did was publish a shamefully flimsy, not-even-based-on-reality “opinion” couched in between some better-written articles (cited at the bottom of your opinion). What you published was a report of the issues as you [mis]understood them, not the issues as they are. You presented President Obama’s “decision,” which was, in reality, a common, historically documented practice, as an attempt to be less than transparent!

      So, to answer your question: “Who’s the one with a journalism problem?” — I’d say YOU are… But then, I’m no journalist, am I? (but at least I can admit it…).

      • First of all, I’m not a “sir.” Do your research. Secondly, I am a journalist. And third, there are several other well-known liberal media outlets that are concerned about his administration’s transparency. Perhaps you need to open your eyes a bit rather than just being Obama’s cheerleader.

        I will not be replying further to your blog. I’m sure my few hits have given you the bulk of your views for the day.

        • I will address my response not to “Jason Blair,” but to anyone reading — as he is, according to his last response, no longer speaking to me…

          I actually did “do my research” on him/her(?). Due to the photo on the blog, I truly thought Jason Blair was a man: See for yourself:

          I apologize if I was wrong in my assessment, which I did not realize to be an “assessment.” I have always been extremely supportive of transgendered individuals… If you are a woman, and not a man, or simply not given to claiming a gender at all, that is certainly your right — and I totally respect you for it…

          It’s really a shame that Mr./Ms Jason Blair is no longer speaking to me or referring to my blog, because my apology is sincere, and heartfelt…

          As for the rest of Mr. Blair’s claims: I rest my case…

          • Oh please. This isn’t Jason Blair responding, and you can fully see that. It’s quite clear that you lack the ability to discern and reason.

            • I’d deny being Jason Blair, too, if I were you…. Nonetheless, the “monogram” signature of the Red ‘B’ is all over your Web site. In fact, I just added my “like” to Tom Oyster’s fine post on maintaining a militia, right next to that ‘B.’

              And here is the link to your avatar:

              So, please explain, *exactly* how it is that I was supposed to know that you were not you? If you are, indeed, impersonating the “Brenner Brief” folks by posting idiotic posts in their name, and using their official avatar, HOW, pray tell, does that reflect on my judgement or discernment — as you claim? And do you realize that unless you’re a much better “hacker” than it appears, your IP address and other factors could easily serve to identify you?

              With *that* reasoning, i.e., your claim that I lack discernment, all you have done is serve to either make yourself look ridiculous, if you’re an “imposter,” or to make Jason Blair, i.e., yourself, look even more ridiculous than ever!

              Come to think of it, particularly since our discussion has been going on for most of the day, those Brenner Brief folks must not ever look at this site — perhaps THAT’s how someone like you can get away with trying to impersonate a “journalist,” for an entire day, hmmmmm?

              There is absolutely nothing ridiculous about my believing that the same person who wrote and published that ridiculous post about Obama “choosing” to have a “secret inauguration ceremony,” would also be the author of the increasingly ridiculous posts that succeeded my own incredulous reaction to that post — which was most definitely published on the Brenner Brief Web site!

              But come to think of it, Jason… You could possibly convince me that you are really just the alter-ego of Sara Marie Brenner — I mean, after all, she does describe herself as a “snarky conservative”… and that would sorta’ go along with your whole transgendered “morph-ability,” ’cause men (among whom you claim *not* to number) aren’t usually “snarky,” right? Wow. You’re just the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t you? Happy Holidays, BTW.

              Boy will those Brenner Brief folks be surprised when they find out what’s been going on at their Web site while they’ve been at their creative writing classes all day…

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